Dick Poe Toyota
6330 Montana
El Paso, Texas 79925
New: 866-740-8021
Used: 866-740-8021
Parts: 866-839-0484
Service: 888-887-6824

We took our vehicle in to Dick Poe Toyota for a 30 minute oil change, and they performed an unauthorized warranty repair that took 4 hours.

They should have asked if anyone had the time to wait and if it was okay for them to perform the work.To make matters worse, they did not properly perform the unauthorized repair and gave us the runaround for 5 weeks before finally screwing us over enough to make me mad.

To make a long story short, I had to pay a different dealership to repair Dick Poe Toyota's unauthorized repair.

No one from Dick Poe Toyota has ever apologized for the inconvenience, the botched repair, the runaround from the service department, nothing.

They have contacted me personally leaving derisive messages and e-mails.

You'd be better off buying from anywhere else than Dick Poe Toyota.


February 2010, I took my son's 1992 pick up to Dick Poe Toyota because it would not move. Service told me that we needed to replace the engine and I agreed. After paying almost $6000 to get the engine replaced and other minor repairs the truck has never been the same. We have taken the truck in numerous times and end up paying for the repairs as it seems that nothing is ever their fault, despite their replacing the entire engine. Now my son's truck spews white smoke everytime he starts it up. It is my understanding that white smoke is oil burning, so my brand new engine is already burning oil? I talked to the service manager at Dick Poe Toyota and was notified that they can fix the problem but I would have to pay for it out of pocket even though the engine was purchased from them. How is that fair to the consumer? Seems to me that Dick Poe is only interested in quantity not quality in his dealerships. If I were you, I would not even buy or service a vehicle from this dealership.


I bought a 2008 Grand Cherokee from Dick Poe and later discovered it was in a car wreck and was fixed, sold at an auction, bought by Dick Poe Toyota and then sold to me. Their explanation was that it didn't show up in Carfax. Well, it shows up in AutoCheck. Along with a day, time, location and police report number. I had to threated legal action and bad publicity before they took the Jeep back. Because I was bored, I paid for a monthly pass to AutoCheck and found four other vehicles on their lot that had been in auto accidents. Buyer beware!


While in El Paso visiting for the holidays, I wanted to take my Wrangler in for much needed service. I took it in with the main issue being my transmission. I dropped it off and was later called with the diagnosis. I gave the go ahead to order parts and continue repairs. I was later called an was told that it was going to covered under the warranty.

I was ecstatic. Subsequent phone calls would prove otherwise. "Fine, let's do the service anyways," I told them. Close to a week later the parts had never been ordered and they had yet to pull the transmission down to make an accurate diagnosis.

I did not have the time to wait for them to get their act together because I had to drive back to San Antonio. I was still charged $160 for them to take down and then put the transmission back even after I was told by the service manager Russel Geiger, that they would discount the labor putting it back. Not the case. What a waste of time and money.



The finance department/ used car department snuck in an extra $500 for "extras" like a DVD player and screen installed by the previous owner of the truck, when they redid the paperwork to correctly indicate my wife was purchasing the vehicle, not me. This was $500 OVER the agreed upon price, and the price discussed in the finance office when signing the papers. IN otherwords they ROBBED my wife, who had already agreed to pay asking price on the used vehicle, since they knew she was a first time car buyer,
and would be distracted by our kids.

Richard M.

I recently purchased a 2004 nissan titan from Dick Poe Toyota. their salesman relentlessly 'encouraged' my wife to buy the truck. when she brought it home i looked it over and there was no ac clutch, meaning the air conditioner does not work. So i take it back and their mechanic asked me if we had taken it to a nissan dealer cause there was a new nissan hose on it, i told him no why the hell would i. So he calls me back tells me he had talk to his supervisor and that they would pay for HALF the repair, i told him bull shit (knowing i couldn't really to anything about it) argued with him and needless to say i'm still driving a truck with no ac in this hot as hell weather with a baby! Thanks DICK POE, YOU SUCK!


I took my toyota Avalon 3 times to have a specific problem solved. $1300 or so later problem still not solved. Trip #4 requested a refund for $195 for work on visit #3 that in everyone agrees failed. They wanted to give me a work credit, and I stated I would rather part amicably and move on they refused only a credit. I stated I lost faith, then they discredited any and all work previously down by others and stated my problem should have been solved with there body shop and that I never requested 2 specific areas. trip #1 i asked do whatever is necessary to fix the problem. Basically they simply missed what appears to be a obvious problem a amateur would catch, and whoever worked on vehicle was in right field without a glove, then we parted on harsh terms, and to make matter worse handled everything in public rather than privately. They basically practiced bait and switch and computer info was inaccurate and changed to their benefit. I was asked to return 3 times yesterday, to meet with someone different and had to go over the entire situation a frustrating 4th time to no solution, except out $1300 plus no vehicle multiple days. These are supposed to be high priced professionals instead I had high priced legal con artists, It is possible a simple communication error took place but never would they admit any wrongs and all blame on me the customer stating I provided incorrect repair info. Now they have all my payments, and i have the same problems, with absolutely NO reasonable attempt to be fair. Info in computer only as accurate as whoever entered data, and I know without a doubt I have witnesses to verify my visits, and written work orders listen my problems. Realization is dealerships generate substantial profits from maintenance and repair division. How many other victims out there that walked away silent, I am guilty of being a little verbally abusive when leaving, then they had a 6ft 5in or so individual listening to everything jumping into the end of the disagreement making a physically threatening move towards me only to be restrained by a Toyota employee. My question why was the uninvolved individual privy to the in and outs of this dispute and allow me to be placed in a position of being physically threatened with a age gap of at least 25 years, me older. I will utilize every legal State and Federal avenue available for justice, not for me but for others who may not be as fortunate to overcome duplicate repair cost. A definite case of Bait and Switch!! The most incredible to admit I should have a $195.00 refund for improper work and be forced to receive a basically worthless credit that would have led to a additional $500.00 or more cost to resolve the problem, would you have faith to place yourself at their mercy a 4th time.

Bob Veilleux

I worked for Dick Poe Toyota for about 10 years. I even bought a car or two there. While the buying of the car went well enough, there are people in the their service department that should NEVER be allowed to work on cars.

I dont have time to tell you the bullshit that happened even to ME, an employee at the time. I know what goes on at the Dick Poe Toyota service department and it is not good. There are underhanded dealings all of the time, at the customer's expense and at the expense of the Toyota corporation's warranty program.

The Dick Poe Toyota Service Manager, Service Advisors and most Technicians are liars and thieves. You really wouldn't believe the things that go on there.


Dick Poe Toyota in EL Paso sold my daughter a new Tacoma in 1999 with a dent in the cab above the drivers sids. The crooks did not say anything about it. I noticed the dent about two monyhs later and they refused to fix the dent because they said she could have done it. It was from when the truck was shipped to the dealer from the factory.They have also tried to sell me parts i did not need like a $250.00 fan tower that bolts to the fromt of the engine in front of the water pump,instead of the water pump because the parts department said that it was most likely the fan tower making the grinding noise. It was the water pump bearing going out.


One of my good friends works in the Sales department of Dick Poe Toyota, and he always tells me never go to their Service Department because you will be screwed over. Coming from a person who actually works there, I trust his opinion. When I read your story and the other stories about the experiences dealing with Dick Poe Toyota, I realized they all had something in common, the Service Dept. My friend actually refers his customers to outside help instead of handing them over to their service dept. He finds it sad that when their business is finally growing and becoming a much better place, not only for the customers, but for the workforce(mainly because of new mangement, Rick Peet no longer works there), the service dept. has to bring them down. I completely understand how furious you must've been even creating a site solely to bring them down, but its not the dealership that sucks (many customers leave there happy) but rather the ball and chain that can't seem to escape, the service dept. I'm not asking you to take this site down because my friend works there, but all I ask is that you redirect the word "suck" to where it truly needs it.


Good job! Stick it to em. The whole Dick Poe family of dealerships is rotten to the core. Years ago, in the 90s, I was doing the TV ads for Dick. From the get-go they were horrific godless people that loved to tout things like "Ripping His Head Off!", a reference to charging the customer full ticket plus undercoating. I'm sure they never lost any sleep over this. The studio I was in at the time lost the account when we produced a fake graphic for the end of one of the spots that read "Dick Poe before he Dicks You!". Wish I still had it. I think you should use it as your theme. Good luck! You are not alone.


They are the worst dealership I have ever encountered, they do not offer any good services and they don't know how to fix cars, or order parts. They couldn't even figure out that my car was covered under warrenty after they thought what was the problem wasn't the problem and then, when they find the problem (I found the problem and showed it to them) after that they did not even set up a rental for me because I'm 19 and they only give rentals to 21+. Screw this Toyota dealership.


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