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I was taken advantage of I had traded in two cars and the price of their new vehicle was raised 2,000 above the STICKER PRICE on the car. I owe $45,000 for a car that has a book value of $28,000 which they offer to buy the car for. This is a car that was bought new with a sticker price of $37,900 in July 30th 2011. I am upside down $17,000 . I have contacted toyota and talked to the dealership and they told me i was looking at the wrong book vale of the car. That is not true, another dealer told me the value and explained that I got taken big time. I will never recommend toyota on nicholasville to anyone or never go there again


On December 29, 2008 I purchased a 2008 Toyota Sequoia Limited from Toyota on Nicholasville after working with the dealer to negotiate a purchase price. I originally wanted a Sequoia with second row bench seat, but learned that in order to get the bench seat I would have to sacrifice other options. Not wanting to make those sacrifices, Toyota on Nicholasville suggested I add a console between the Captains chairs of the second row to compensate for not having the bench seat. I agreed with the suggestion and with the terms that I would have to pay for the console, but at the dealers cost of around $849.00. The dealer did not have the console in stock, so they assured me they would mail it to me when it came in (I currently live in Missouri, but was in KY visiting family during Christmas). After waiting nearly 6 weeks the console was delivered in it's entirety to me. I removed the console from the box and placed the console in the back of my Sequoia to wait until I had an appointment from my local dealer in Missouri to install, which was about a week or two away. During that time, I discarded the original box the console came in, not realizing the console would never fit in my truck. When I took it to my local dealer to install into my Sequoia they told me the part would not fit and that there was no console made to go into a 2008 Sequoia Limited. The console Toyota on Nicholasville sent me was made to fit in a Sequoia Platinum. The difference being that the Platinum does not have arm rests on the second row captains chairs and the Limited version does. The armrests interfere with the fit of the console. After learning this, I contacted Toyota on Nicholasville parts counter (someone named Joe) and they said to return the part for a refund. It was a few weeks later when I had a death in the family and I decided to return the part personally while in KY attending the funeral services. On March 16th 2009 I returned the part to Toyota on Nicholasville and talked to the sales manager who sold me the vehicle (Brent Mattingly). He told me the person who handles the parts refunds was out and that as soon as he returned Brent would get the refund processed and mailed out to me. I took it on faith the dealership would follow through and left the dealership to drive back to Missouri. Several weeks passed and I never heard from the dealer or received a check, so I called several times and after many frustrated attempts to get someone on the phone and unreturned messages, I finally spoke to Brent and he advised me he had run into problems with the refund because I didn't return the console in the original box. After a heated discussion between us about the error that was made by the dealership for ordering the wrong parts in the first place Brent agreed to push the issue higher and get the General Manager to resolve it and help get my refund back. After many weeks of un-returned phone calls again to the dealership I called the Toyota Customer Confidence number to file a complaint about the dealership. This complaint was filed on or around 4/30. On 5/1 I got a call from the Customer Relations Manager at Toyota on Nicholasville, Tammy Mitchell who assured me that even though she worked for the dealership, she would be unbiased towards the dealership and could hopefully resolve this to my satisfaction. Turns out Toyota corporate turns the complaints on the dealerships back over to the dealerships to resolve (A conflict of interest in my opinion). After a few days of working on this, Tammy called me today 5/4 and said that Dave Conley the GM will not refund my money because he can't return the parts without the proper box. That simply won't happen because I discarded it when it first came in. The true point of this matter is that the dealership sold me parts that would not work in my vehicle and ultimately because of their mistake I will have to pay for it. On top of all this, they still have the part and have not made any effort to return it to me. From a consumer standpoint, I really don't care if they can return the part to Toyota Parts Corporation or not. They sold me parts that would not work in my vehicle and because of their negligence I'm out $850 on a part I can't use and no longer have in my possession. I'm at wits end over this issue. I have never seen such a disregard for the customer before. I have called and begged and pleaded with the dealer to call the parts house and simply request a box to return the console in, but they seem unwilling to do the right thing. Please follow up with me and let me know if there is anything you can do to assist me in the matter.

Michael Graham

To whom it may concern: I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with my 2001 Toyota Corolla. I purchased this vehicle as a used car in 2005 while it was still under it's 5 year, 50,000 mile warranty. This was my second Toyota vehicle that I have owned. I purchased a new 2002 Toyota Sienna minivan in November 2002. When purchased my 2001 Toyota Corolla I thought it would be a dependable and reliable car for my son as he went away to college. I felt very sure the car would last him for his 4 year college career - given all the good things I had heard about Toyota products. Many Toyota owners have told me of their cars that they have driven 120, 150, 180 thousand miles - with no problems. I thought I had nothing to worry about. Boy was I wrong! The warranty expired on my 2001 Toyota Corolla sometime in 2006. Recently I noticed a 'ticking' sound in the engine. I checked the oil and it was slightly low. I did a complete oil change including filter and the 'ticking' stopped. Three months later the ticking was back - and getting louder. That is why I took the vehicle to Toyota on Nicholasville. I was shocked when they told me the next day that my engine had a "spun bearing" and that it was a "non-serviceable repair" - the engine would have to be replaced! Needless to say I'm stunned. The car that I was sure would be trouble free for many years needs a new engine - a $4,200.00 repair that, with a son in college, I cannot afford. I cannot believe my Toyota has a blown engine with only 54,000 miles! In October 2007 I received a notice from Toyota Motor Manufacturing that my other Toyota vehicle, 2002 Sienna minivan, was also part of a nationwide recall. It seems that the engine is susceptible to "oil gelling" (sludge) buildup. I took my minivan in to be evaluated and found out that it's engine was also damaged beyond repair - it would have to be replaced too. But since the engine in this vehicle was part of the nationwide oil gelling settlement, the repair was covered. This means that BOTH of my Toyota vehicles - each with LESS than 55,000 miles - have to have their engines replaced! As my 2001 Corolla sits idle in my driveway (waiting for me to find $5,000.00 to repair it) I began researching on the web why a "spun bearing" on a Toyota vehicle is a 'non-serviceable' repair. As someone that has worked on cars and motors all my life this makes no sense to me. I eventually came across Toyota's "oil gel settlement agreement" at I think it's very interesting that a 2001 4 cylinder Camry and 2001 4 cylinder Solara have had their warranties extended to 8 years, 80,000 miles. But a 2001 4 cylinder Corolla? No, they are fine - Yeah, right. I also think it's interesting that, judging from the years of the models in the settlement, it took Toyota Motor Manufacturing almost 10 years to even acknowledge there was a problem. What this tells me is that Toyota Motor Manufacturing is only interested in making a buck. You may "talk the talk" that you value your customers being "completely satisfied" but you sure don't "walk the walk". Needless to say I have lost all confidence in your products. In my lifetime I have owned Fords, Pontiacs, Buicks, Chevrolet, GMC, and Dodge vehicles. Each of these vehicles had over 100,000 miles on then when I traded them in. None of these vehicles ever had to have the motor replaced - not a one of them. How ironic that BOTH of my Toyota vehicles have had to have their engines replaced and BOTH of them happened in the past 6 months and BOTH of them have less than 55,000 miles on them. No wonder Toyota lost their "highly recommended" status from Consumer Reports recently. With the kind of track record you have with me - it's easy to see why. I don't suspect I'll ever hear anything back from this letter. It's ironic that nobody from Toyota Motor Manufacturing has asked what they can do to ensure I am "Completely Satisfied" with my 2001 Corolla experience. It's interesting that those all important questions just don't get asked when you go from "potential purchase" customer to a "needs service" customer.

Toyota Response: Response (Renee Toussaint) 01/22/2008 11:32 AM Mr. Adkins, We are sorry to hear of the concerns with the engines of your 2001 Corolla and 2002 Sienna, and apologize these components of the vehicle did not meet your expectations. Your comments have been documented at our National Headquarters, where they remain available for review from the appropriate departments. It is through communications such as yours that we are able to monitor and improve upon the quality of our products and services. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us. Your email has been documented under file #200801171142. Customer response to Toyota Motor Manufacturing: First of all characterizing the ENGINE of a vehicle as a "component" really makes my complaint seem frivolous. Headlights are a "component" of a vehicle. The ENGINE is the heart and soul. Without an ENGINE my 2001 Corolla has essentially been turned into a 1 ton paper weight. Secondly, you mention that these components of the vehicle did not meet my expectations. What about Toyota Motor Manufacturing's expectations? Do you expect the ENGINES in your vehicles to fail at 54,000 miles or less? Are you "completely satisfied" if the ENGINE lasts only 54,000 miles and no further? Third, the piston rod bearings are internal ENGINE parts that normally NEVER require service. No owner has control over these parts. It's not like it's a part that you can easily inspect and replace it before real damage is done. Once they go bad it's all over. The fact that these parts are going bad at all should be setting off alarms in someone's mind. If it's not then you have bigger problems to come. One owner complaining is like being one molecule on the tip of the iceberg. Finally, my 1998 GMC pickup is now 10 years old and counting. It will be time to replace it in the next 2 - 3 years. I looked at some Tundra pickup truck recently. But after all this hit the fan, there is no way I could ever consider purchasing a vehicle from any manufacturer whose ENGINES can't make it past 55,000 miles. More importantly, when the manufacturer refuses to acknowledge the problem is one that no owner has any control over - well that blows whatever trust the consumer had remaining in you all to pieces. When that's gone you never get it back.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing's Response: Response (Quentin Holmes) 02/05/2008 09:16 AM Mr. Adkins, We apologize you are not satisfied with our previous responses. We have already advised of Toyota position in this matter. Our review of the case indicates that all of Toyota's case-handling guidelines have been followed. If you would like to pursue this matter further, we recommend pursuing the issue outside of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.


PURCHASED 2001 Camry in 2002 only to find out it was a LEASE, not purchase. Had to refin and PURCHASE. No alert to the oil gelling/sludge problem. REPLACED engine April 2009, died again in September. Now I have a dead camry that I still owe several thousand dollars on. Thought that I was alone in this until recently when it hit the fan for Toyota. Not happy, not happy at all!!!

Jeffery Stone

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